Featured: Brett Baker

Brett Baker: the art of furniture Written by  Martin Hatchual for #KnysnaMade Carpenter, artist and sculptor Brett Baker sees his mission as redefining furniture as art. Brett is one of the artisans working out of a makers’ space coordinated by Crafted Eden that’s been set up in Kluyts & Co’s furniture factory in Knysna’s industrial area….

Knysna Community Garden

There is some new growth happening over at Shepherd’s Tree… We are making a garden in the backyard aimed at generating enough herbs and veggies to sustain our coffee shop and at least one permanent position. These are still early days, but there is nothing like starting a project to get things off the ground….

PnP Oyster Festival’s Collective Craft Shop

Our Pop-up Shop is looking great – boasting a variety of designed and crafted products, the Collective Craft Shop at the PnP Festival Grounds is worth paying a visit. 70 000 people are visiting Knysna for cycling,running, swimming and of course, shopping. This presents all manner of creatives a rich platform on which to present their work. Crafted…

Featured: Kluyts Furniture

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